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What is wechat?

With over 1 billion users, WeChat is by far China’s most popular app. Released in 2011 the app has evolved from a simple messaging app to an entire ecosystem. People use WeChat for messaging, to transfer money between contacts, to make phone calls, hail a taxi, shop, pay the phone bill, send real-time location and much, much more. The average person in China is spending multiple hours per day within the app.

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There are two types of WeChat accounts brands can choose from

Service Account

Service Account is usually the best option for well-established B2B brands. Content published from a Service Account is sent as a direct message and appears among the followers personal chats.

Subscription Account

This type of account allows brands to publish content once per day, however, all Subscription Accounts are held in a Subscription Account folder, which users have to actively check for new posts.

Features Service Account Subscription Account
Create custom menu
Link menu to website
Follower is directly notified of new content
Number of posts allowed 4 per month 1 per day
Each published post can include1 feature post and seven sub articles
Ecommerce/ WeChat payments

We don’t just help brands create content for WeChat — we help them create a brand experience for WeChat

Creating content that people want to share can be difficult for a B2B brand. At Brandigo, this is our specialty. We focus on creating quality experiences that attract and engage your Chinese target audience during their customer journey.


  • 1 Setup and manage a WeChat account for your B2B brand
  • 2 Publish content that is meaningful for your target audience
  • 3 Plan and implement campaigns to promote your content
  • 4 Keep you up to date on the entire process with detailed reports each month

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